Preserving our cemeteries through proven strategies

The mission of Shanteau Consulting is to provide cemetery administrators with the personalized assistance needed to stabilize and maintain growth. Our expert cemetery consulting service is based on proven experience, practical solutions and a passion for sustainable preservation.

Regardless of your cemetery’s size
Shanteau Consulting Services will:

  • Analyze your cemetery’s current condition and operations
  • Help you develop a defined management plan to improve maintenance, administration, sales and income
  • Assist in positioning your cemetery on the path of maintainable preservation and renewed growth

Improving Results Through Effective Management

Shanteau Consulting Services will work side-by-side with you to develop a management plan that keeps the three key components of cemetery operation—administration, maintenance, and income generation—working together.

All too often employees in these three critical areas have limited knowledge or concern about their impact on one another.  An effective management plan utilizes analysis, education and incentives to bring them together as a team. When combined with a strong strategic vision and appropriate financial and or fundraising modeling, the results are often transformative and extraordinary.