Preserving our cemeteries through proven strategies

Having a thoughtful and cohesive cemetery management plan is the best way to ensure preservation in the long term. Still, every cemetery faces its own unique set of challenges and objectives. For some cemeteries, it may be turning around years of neglect. For others, it may be restructuring operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. For still others, it may be putting the cemetery in a better position to take advantage of new growth opportunities that will better ensure long-term preservation.

Shanteau Consulting Services provides best-practice consulting on all aspects of cemetery management, including planning, administration, maintenance, sales, and property development. We have the experience, knowledge and creativity to provide you with the custom-tailored insights, services and solutions that meet your particular needs and vision for the future.

Business Planning

  • Inventory analysis & projections
  • Pricing & product mix analysis
  • Mausoleum / Columbarium planning & financial models
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Personnel compensation & job descriptions
  • Trust fund development planning
  • New cemetery planning
  • Fundraising campaign advice

Administration and Operations

  • Automation & computerization
  • Office operations
  • Procedures manuals
  • Cemetery mapping
  • Inventory control
  • Cemetery rules & regulations
  • Cemetery trustee & board planning
  • Accounting analysis
  • Overall administration
  • Operational reviews